Kathleen Wilhoite


Shiva CD

11 tracks
Ruby Ray Records

Witches Hill
You Move Me
Witches' Hill
Ground Zero
Back Home
I Stopped Asking
Safari Song
It Ain't My Fault
On My Couch
You Move Me
Stone Cold Alone
Bad Old Days
Long Lost Man

Witches' Hill
Copyright 2000 K. Wilhoite
A jealous neighbor heard an old wive's tale,
found evidence in my garbage pail.
(marching down the dirt road)

In the distance drumbeat funeral dirge,
singing songs I've never heard
(marching down the dirt road)

I'm a grandma sitting in a rocking chair
getting high off the midnight air,
heard the children cry, "Gram, ya best get out of here."
I didn't know what the fuss was all about,
'til the lynching mob began to shout.
I watched them burn my whole life down....

Ancient remedies on the rumor mill,
carried me to WITCHES HILL.
If we're born to die and we live to kill
then march me down the dirt road to

They laid my best friend down on a bed of fire
She slept to jeers and cheers beneath the pyre.
(marching down the dirt road)

"If she kicks and screams she's lived too long,
it's the evil spirits that made her strong."
(marching down the dirt road)

Dust devils twirl in the bone dry wind.
Gnarled cactus, lizard's grin
in the sunseared slopes, I'll be living in....
'till you kept raising the stakes.

Shiva CD

Pitch Like A Girl
12 tracks
Daves' Record Co.

Dumb Ol' Girl

Whatever It Takes
No One Can Touch Me
Wish We Never Met
Olivia Says
Suck The Joy
Look But Don't Touch
Dumb Ol' Girl
Old Familiar
Yard Sale
Stop Yelling
Pick Up Where You Left Off

Performers on the Pitch Like A Girl album:
Kathleen Wilhoite - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Tony Gilkyson - guitars
Chris Wagner - bass
David Harte - drums, background vocals
Chris Joyner - piano
Chris Frankfort - lap steel
Nikka Costa - background vocals

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